4-pack ARMODD iTag set black (AirTag alternative) with Apple Find My support

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Bluetooth tracker for Apple users that supports the official Apple Find My application. Helps prevent the loss of keys and other valuables. Location tracker, device locator and ringtone. CR2032 replaceable battery with 12-month battery life 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Main advantages of ARMODD iTag (Apple Airtag alternative)

  • Certification for the official Apple Find My application 
  • Can be attached to keys with no need to purchase additional accessories 
  • Keeps watch over all your important items: keys, wallet, backpack, laptop bag, car, bicycle and anything else 
  • If an item is lost, it helps you find it thanks to a ringtone and pinpointing its precise location on a map in the Apple Find My app 
  • No more leaving an item behind thanks to notifications in the Apple Find My app on your iPhone 
  • Free keyring with loop 
  • A very reasonable price, what’s more, buy multiple items in a cost-effective set 
  • Inconspicuous design 

So, for example, if you happen to leave behind your keys fitted with an ARMODD iTag, you will immediately find them using the Find My app. Even on the other side of town. They will in fact help you find all iPhones, iPads or MacBooks within the iTag’s range. All with the same rock-solid privacy protection thanks to the official Apple Find My app. 



  • Battery type: CR2032

  • Battery life: up to 12 months

  • Compatibility: iOS (iPhone, iPad, Macbook)… (Apple Find My app) 

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