Can the smartwatch be paired with my phone?

  • The smartwatch can be paired with all mobile phones with the Android and iOS (Apple iPhone) operating system.
  • To pair the smartwatch with a mobile phone, follow the instructions included in the package.
  • It is always necessary to turn on Bluetooth on your phone and download and install the application for the smartwatch.

Can I make calls with the smartwatch?

  • Yes, selected models allow to make calls directly with the smart watch via Bluetooth. You can find out whether the selected smartwatch has this function directly on the product page in the description.
  • All smartwatches notify you of incoming calls, display messages and notifications.

What functions does the smartwatch have?

  • An overview of all functions can be found in the detailed product description below in the Parameters section after clicking on Show more.

Who is the producer of the ARMODD brand?

  • The ARMODD brand is a part of the SMARTOMAT s.r.o. company established in 2016.
  • We handle all phases of the product cycle: from the first idea to the careful tuning of individual functions and design to marketing, sales and warranty and post-warranty service.
  • We primarily sell products directly through our own e-shop, so we can offer customers very attractive prices.

What is the warranty for the smartwatch?

  • We provide a full two-year warranty for ARMODD smartwatches.
  • We provide warranty and post-warranty service in our own service centre.
  • In the case of a complaint, you can send the product back to our address.
  • You can also use our customer support in English at info@armodd.com.

Is the smartwatch in English?

  • Yes, all ARMODD brand smartwatches have menus and mobile applications completely in English.
  • You can also choose other languages.

How quickly will my order be delivered?

  • If you order before 12:00 noon, we send the goods the same working day.
  • The standard delivery time always depends on the selected delivery country and selected carrier.

Where can I download a manual?

  • Manuals for the smartwatches can be downloaded in the section Manuals.

There is a bubble on the watch display even after removing the shipping film

  • We recommend removing the second cover film that protects the display during production
  • After removing the production film, the display is fine.

Is the smartwatch waterproof?

  • Most of the smartwatches on offer have an IP67 degree of protection – this information is specified in the product parameters.
  • We recommend the watch avoiding contact with water under pressure, fast and rapidly flowing, spraying and hot water and steam, because when using the watch, due to wear and tear of the case or its mechanical damage and microscopic cracks in the seal, water can penetrate into the watch and cause damage.
  • We do not recommend exposing the watch to sudden changes in pressure (e.g. diving, some water sports, etc.) or to liquids other than fresh water.
  • Never use the buttons if the case is in contact with water. Water could penetrate into it and damage the watch. After the watch comes into contact with water, dry it.
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